The PacketZoom Story

Chetan Ahuja founded PacketZoom in 2013 out of frustration. Ahuja experienced first-hand how bad connections affect the user experience while commuting by train. None of the big companies were coming up with good-enough solutions so Ahuja started PacketZoom - the first in-app technology that boosts mobile app performance.

PacketZoom's executive team includes technology addicts with combined experiences from Google, Akamai, Riverbed and more. The team loves to push boundaries and is determined to dazzle customers with Packet Zoom’s cutting edge technology.

Our Leadership Team

Shlomi Gian
Shlomi Gian

Shlomi serves as PacketZoom Chief Executive Officer since June 2016. Mr. Gian has 20 years of experience in the technology space with 12 of them heavily focused on mobile measurement and performance solutions.

Shlomi joined PacketZoom after spending four years at Akamai where he co-founded the Emerging Mobile Business Unit and served as the Head of Mobile Market Development. Prior to Akamai, he was the General Manager of Mobile Solutions at Cotendo before it was acquired by Akamai. Prior to Cotendo, he served as the General Manager of Mobile services at Keynote Systems. Prior to Keynote, Mr. Gian served as the General Manager of DeviceAnywhere which evangelized the real device based mobile testing and monitoring market and was acquired by Keynote Systems in 2012.

Mr. Gian holds an B.S. degree in Computer Science from Tel Aviv Academic College and MBA degree from the University of San Francisco.

Chetan Ahuja
Chetan Ahuja

Chetan is the chief tinkerer of the company. Prior to co-founding PacketZoom, he was involved with developing technology at several companies including Google, IBM and Riverbed Technology.

At Google Chetan worked on the Admob infrastructure and development of the linux kernel scheduler. His involvement in Admob also included resolving performance issues in lower level systems and overall performance.

Chetan was a member of technical staff at Riverbed Technology where he helped to design server clustering software for storage. He also created CIFS file system translation layer for a high performance file transfer protocol over WAN links.

He has experience working on massively scalable high performance distributed file systems, high performance distributed server technology, transaction logging, kernel software, and data distribution over massive clusters.

Chetan holds computer science degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology and Michigan State University.